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Why choose in-home pet sitting care?

Reduce Pet Stress:
Your pet will not be forced into new, unfamiliar, and, often, loud surroundings. They will receive personalized attention while staying in their own natural environment. Elderly pets especially benefit from the peaceful quiet of remaining at home.

Maintain Your Pet’s Diet:
Your pet’s diet will remain unchanged. This is especially important for animals that have strict dietary requirements or sensitive digestive systems.

Avoid Illness:
Your pet will not be exposed to other animals that could be carrying harmful diseases or illnesses.

Exercise & Play:
Your pet will get walks outside and play time, keeping them happy, active, and mentally alert.

Avoid Travel Trauma:
Kennel travel can be stressful and traumatic for any kind of animal, especially cats which are easily upset by any type of motion. With in-home pet sitting, your pet will not have to endure a traumatic traveling experience.

Never an Imposition:
You don’t need to impose on friends, relatives, or neighbors!

Keep Your Home Secure:
Simply showing activity with regular visits makes your home uninteresting for most thieves.

Have Peace of Mind:
You know you can always reach me and that I'm watching over your loved ones. I leave a detailed note or text on each visit.

Save Time & Money:
You don't have to drive to and from the kennel. With one pet, the price is comparable to a kennel stay. With multiple pets, you actually save money and have happier pets that don't have to be separated from one another.

Special Services:
Additional small services such as plant care and bringing in the mail/newspaper are included. If you need anything else, I can often provide little things like follow up calls, emails, and even face time (iPhones only).

Contact me today to request an initial consultation and provide your pet with the care and attention they deserve! Just call 239-961-2314.

"For the wandering traveler writing letters back home, to include a bamboo leaf is to say, I am fine,  I hope that everyone in the family is enjoying peace."
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